About Us

We pack an absurd amount of fun in just two hours and we love our jobs. 

Our adventures flow between two countries, up the Nautical Mile, through historical neighborhoods filled with the finest people in Detroit,  into cursed islands that are now Nature Preserves and along side monster freight ships and sail races. Detroit River is rich in industrial prohibition history and character. There's an abundance of sport fishing, sailing and music. Add all that alongside an amazing city skyline. 


You get a whole different perspective of the water from a kayak. You're not anchored, looking down from a boat, there's no loud motors and you can maneuver places other watercraft can't.  The BBQ smells better, the waves sound better, the scenery is overwhelming and the city is so beautiful when you're sitting just above the water level in your kayak.   

Also we explain nautical safety, paddle technique and body positioning.   

Our tours are perfect for office parties, athletic teams, Non- Athletic teams, families, students, engagements, fishing trips,  proposals, graduation presents, blue people, little green people, but we don't dig mean people. If you want her to forget how mad she was last week? Take her kayaking this week!  Wanna impress your boss? Want your kids to think you're cool? Wanna make sure you get to the second date? Take' em kayaking.  Does your bowling team really stink at bowling?  Is your knitting club sick of knitting? Are the Girls Scouts tired of selling cookies?  For Heavens Sake!! Take em kayaking!! 

-Missy Kinyon   Owner / Tour Guide