Need more information? Give Missy a call at 313-422-3618. Remember that there's no such thing as a stupid question. Not yet at least.


Q.What if I've never kayaked before?

A. Perfect, then it's about time you did. First time paddlers are usually our favorites.  Need more reassurance? Our guides have shared tandems with beginners and people in need of special assistance. Not a problem.


Q.What should I wear?

A. Dress appropriate for the weather. Keep it comfortable and bring an extra sweatshirt for after. Shoes might get a little wet so we suggest water shoes. Most of our guests stay fairly dry on the river.  On cooler days we suggest wind and water resistant jackets. 


Q: What should I bring?  

A: Sunblock, hat, sunglasses and a dry bag if you have one. We have ziplock bags if you don't.  During the canal tours, some of our river neighbors are selling Harbor Island Honey and beverages. Also, guides work hard for our guests and always appreciate tips. If you want, bring a few bucks cash in your pocket. No one turns down wet cash on the river.


Q. Can kids come kayaking?

A. Kids should always come kayaking. Keep in mind our kayaks are heavy and 14ft. Long. We're happy to teach them.  We suggest that if your child is under 12 they share a double. If you wanna take your toddler for a paddle you should make arrangements for a private, shorter paddle.  Every adventure is amazing, but your toddler will lose interest and start bugging you after an hour on the boat, Trust us, we have em!   Give us a call and make some memories on the river with your little buddies.  

We charge double for teenagers! Just kidding.